Academic Skills

The unfortunate reality of the modern classroom is that fundamental academic skills are ignored. Instead, classrooms focus on rote memorization and teaching the test.

As a result, it is not surprising that many teens struggle in school. Not because they lack intelligence, drive, or ambition, but because they lack the skills they need to success in the classroom.

The absence of the skills can make teenagers indifferent an apathetic towards school.

If you think your teen is struggling because of a lack of academic skills you are in the right place.

With the proper guidance and encouragement, your teen can develop these fundamental academic skills and find enjoyment in learning.

This blog category is designed to help you identify the fundamental academic skills your teen needs to success and the the methods you can use to help your teen learn them.

You’ll find these articles especially useful if your teen lacks a strong work ethic, has bad study habits, and is unorganized.

If you want to jump-start your teens growth and prefer to talk instead of read, book a call here and let’s talk about how we can empower your teen with the academic fundamentals they need to succeed.

School Is Setting Your Child Up For Failure

Schools don’t care about students and are setting your child up for failure. You are probably thinking, WOAH, that is absolutely not true. Teachers pour their hearts into their students, and counselors work with students to find solutions to their mental health challenges. So how can it be that schools don’t care about students?  I…

10 Bad Study Habits You Need to Break Immediately

In my experience as a classroom teacher and an academic coach, one of the most common problems students face is bad study habits. Unfortunately, many students receive little instruction on proper study habits in elementary and middle school. Then, teachers suddenly expect students to know how to study in high school. This approach sets up…

Positive Work Ethic: The Real Reason Why Teens Lack It

A positive work ethic is one of the skills that is needed to succeed in both school and life. Yet so many teenagers don’t have it.  Parents with teenagers who lack a positive worth ethic are rightfully concerned. Unfortunately, many parents miss the boat entirely when it comes to identifying why their teen lacks motivation…

Failing School Because of Laziness? Three Solutions

If your teenager struggles in school, it can be easy to think they are failing school because of laziness. You may even wonder if your teenager cares about their long-term success and have serious concerns about how their lack of success impacts your family. These are all reasonable perspectives and concerns, and you are doing…


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