John Hyde, the founder of AE Academy

John Hyde is an Academic Coach and licensed teacher specializing in assisting students with executive functioning, essential academic skills and motivation.

John began his educational career more than 10 years ago and has taught students from third grade through college.  He earned his undergraduate and teaching degrees at Duke University.  

More about John

Students improve across the board after working with AE Academy
A student working with AE Academy

John created the
Academic Empowerment Academy to help students that have been Unfulfilled by the current education system. 

He realized that many teachers and private tutors approach academic growth from an angle that is only effective in the short term: students are told to study, work harder, and be engaged without any attention given to the true cause of their academic struggles and/or lack of motivation. 

As a result, he has seen many students struggle academically, not because they were not capable, but because they were not taught proper academic fundamentals, as well as useful soft skills.  

Service A- Academic Coaching

John has helped a wide range of students (at various levels of school-based achievement and learning ability) achieve long-term academic success by teaching executive and academic strategies such as:
– organizational skills
– effective and efficient study techniques
– note-taking
– time management
– subject understanding
– test-taking strategies
– and more

Additionally, John prioritizes helping his students
1) identify what motivates them and
2) find and embrace a growth mindset in all facets of school, learning, and life.

Service B – Group Coaching

AE Academy group coaching brings all the benefits of the 1-on-1 virtual coaching program but in a group setting.

In addition to getting one group coaching call per week, members of this program will be able to work together and collaborate to provide accountability and encouragement.

Service C – Parent Course

Parenting teenagers is one of the hardest jobs on the planet. If you are struggling with your teen, experience stress from their poor academic performance, or want your teen to be more self-reliant and motivated, this course is for you.

The AE Academy parent course will help you build an environment at home that will allow you to take a step back while also giving your teen the right support they need to thrive.


“John has been instrumental in helping my son learn to be a student. He has helped him set up good foundations for studying, how to take notes, and organize his thoughts. John has helped my son become a successful student who knows how to tackle any subject.“ 

– Lisa