How to Get Good Grades

Grades matter.

I believe in building skills and holistic education. However, your teen’s GPA is what shows up on a college application.

The importance of grades is stressful for both teens and their parents but this doesn’t need to be the case.

Your teen can learn to work smarter instead of harder and learn the secrets that straight-A students use to achieve success.

This blog category is designed to give you strategies and study hacks that you can share with your teen. These suggestions will have an immediate impact on your teen’s grades.

You’ll find these articles especially useful if your teen’s grades are inconsistent, their grades don’t match their potential, or your teen in putting in many hours of work with little to show for it.

If you want to jump-start your teen’s grades, book a call here and let’s talk about how we can give your teen the skills and strategies needed to shine in the classroom.

Secret School Tips For Parents 

As parents, you want your children to excel in school and achieve good grades. However, sometimes you may worry about your child’s performance and be unsure how to support them best.  Will they struggle with studying? Will they fall behind?  No parent deserves to be stressed out constantly, and students deserve the support they need…

10 Traits of A Good Student

A student is so much more than their grades. In fact, I believe that grades are one of the least valuable metrics to use when defining the traits of a good student.   If you spend too much time focusing on grades, it can be easy to ignore the traits of a good student. I…

Low Grades in High School: 7 Ways to Bounce back

High school is a huge step up for students in terms of rigor and academic expectations. No matter how well prepared a student is, they will likely experience low grades in high school sometime during their academic career. Getting low grades in high school can be disheartening and intimidating, but it doesn’t have to define…


Self-advocacy is an essential skill. Unfortunately, many teens struggle to advocate for what they want/need and many teachers do not teach advocacy strategies for students. During my years as an educator, I have seen many bright students struggle because they did not learn how to self-advocate.  Instead of asking questions to clarify an assignment or…


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Teaching teens how to get good grades.

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