Setting Goals for School

Setting goals for school is one of the most important steps that a student can take to make measurable progress in the classroom.

Unfortunately, many students are not encouraged to set personal goals in the classroom, and the emphasis is placed on learning content standards and studying for end of year exams.

The lack of personal goals can stunt the growth of students and prevent them from connecting with the subject matter they are learning.

Setting attainable and measurable goals that are based on behaviors rather than outcomes can be the difference between success and failure in the classroom.

This blog category is designed to give you a strong understanding of how to motivate your child, help them set goals, and create an environment that encourages your teen to grow academically.

You’ll find these articles especially useful if your teen is ambivalent towards school, they are not putting in the effort necessary to succeed, and they don’t do/turn in their homework.

If you want to jump-start the process and prefer to talk instead of read, book a call here and let’s talk about how we can motivate your teen and get them back on track.

Online Success Coach: Unlocking Your Teen’s Potential

As a parent, you want your teen to succeed academically and in life. But what do you do when your teen struggles to keep up with their academic performance or fails to meet their goals? It can be frustrating, confusing, and even disheartening. But there is hope. An online success coach can help your teen…

Consequences For Not Doing Homework

Teenagers don’t like homework, and can you blame them? Just like you don’t like working after hours on your job, your teen doesn’t like to work all day at school and then come home and do more.  However, like it or not, homework is something that your child has to do.  Unfortunately, you can’t force…

7 Secrets to Motivating Teenagers

Motivating teenagers can be incredibly difficult. Their emotions can run in highs and lows, and they can be highly engaged with topics they are interested in and then check out the next minute. Many parents use punishment and negative reinforcement when teenagers struggle to stay academically motivated. I’m here to tell you that this approach…

Stressed From School? 10 Tips To Help

A recent National Centre of Youth Mental Health study found that 66% of high school students self-reported feeling stressed about school. The same study found that 55% of students felt anxious about taking tests and studying. Given students’ high-stress levels, it is unsurprising that many teenagers struggle to meet their academic potential. Stress can cause students to…


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Teaching to how setting goals for school can make a different.

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