Here are testimonials from John’s clients and their experience using AE Academy’s services:

What the Parents Say


Student Testimonials

ADHD support / trustworthy leadership

“John helped immensely with all aspects of Ben’s school work, created an organizational system that helped Ben stay organized and increased his confidence. John helped keep Ben on track with goals and agenda setting. John truly enjoyed working with my son, and is as invested in him as we are. He’s very good dealing with ADHD issues and learning disabilities. He’s a young guy that Ben could relate to and sometimes teenagers need to hear things from someone who is not their parent before they embrace them. John was trustworthy, and I know if you have a child who needs that extra help, you’ll definitely see an improvement in your child‘s understanding with help from John.

– Nick
Building confidence through AE Academy
Confidence in writing

John worked with our three high school aged children to improve their writing skills.  Through a combination of writing lessons and individualized feedback, John helped each of them improve their writing mechanics, and gain confidence as writers.  John’s teaching style was accessible and engaging and our children enjoyed his class.  He was also transparent and communicated well with us.  I would not hesitate to recommend him as a tutor.”

– Jennifer
Supporting the family and student, AE Academy testimonials
Supporting the student – and the family

John worked very closely with me to find the best way to help my boys, so his approach was always tailored for them. He bonded with my boys and with us as a family and helped us all become “unstuck” and grow. The teenage years can be academically challenging and I couldn’t have made it through without his support and guidance.”

– Cheryl, Part 2
AE Academy testimonials
Look forward To the sessions

“John Hyde tutored my son in high school English. Teaching seems to come naturally to John. When the lesson begins, he is focused and patient. John also has a winning personality and adventurous spirit. My son actually looked forward to the sessions.

– Peter
Flying to new heights, AE Academy testimonials
The Foundations of success

“John has been instrumental in helping my son learn to be a student. He has helped him set up good foundations for studying, how to take notes and organize his thoughts. John has helped my son become a successful student who knows how to tackle any subject.“ 

– Lisa
You can do it! AE Academy testimonials
Empowerment > stress

“Bright kids with learning differences really benefit from his positive structured approach that builds up their strengths and self esteem and supports them where they need extra help. My son was often on cloud nine after John left, because the stress had lifted, he felt empowered and understood.”

– Cheryl, Part 1

“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

– A.A. Miln